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T�rk�e English

Our company, SONAR, was established in 1974 in Izmir, Turkey.

We are specialized on manufacturing of Radio Frequency heating and drying machines for different applications in different industries.


SONAR is the first and the only company on its own branch in Turkey.

The main industries that we serve are;

  • Textile industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Metal working industry
  • Nutrition processing industry

SONAR is taking heed of R&D and in this way, SONAR develops new technologies to be used in different industries like food processing, sterilizing, drying and wood quality improvements or wood drying. Some of the projects are still continuing.

With the cooperation of most known universities in our region, we are developing dryers for special fabrics, nutrition curing, drying by using of Radio Frequency.


www www.sonar.com.tr
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